Everything You Need To Know About Penny Slots

Everything You Need To Know About Penny Slots

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Online gambling industry is vast and the number of penny slots countless. If you choose to play them there are a few important things you should learn.

Online gambling industry is vast and the number of pokies is impossible to count, even cataloguing them would be a huge job – from themes, reels, lines, bonus types, free spins numbers, prizes, developers, etc.

If you’re about to step into the world of online pokie machines is to get to know the betting ranges and the amount of money you need to bet in order to expect awards. Even though this is connected to volatility and house edge the first thing you’ll lay your eyes on are the coin sizes and max number of coins you can bet per line.

Casinos started advertising online pokies as much as they can because they are becoming more and more popular by the day, and they started increasing the max number of coins you can bet. Pokies are fun and they provide a lot of excitement, but when you play a game with coin value of AU$0.25 and 20 lines with the possibility to bet 5 coins on each of them, then there’s no point in playing because it can be costly.

The Penny Slots (Pokies) got their name by the lowest denomination of US dollar. If you choose to play them then there are a few important things you should learn. The invention of these pokies was a cute psychological move because they create the illusion of everything being cheap. There’s more to these things in the gambling industry than meets the eye and if you don’t pay attention to every bet you can lose a lot.

How To Win At Penny Slots

We are not saying not to play Penny Slots because most of the popular titles start at coin size of 0.01, all we are saying is to be extra cautious when you play them. Before you spin the reels make a decision about what’s the maximum amount of money you are willing to bet. Decide on your limits and if they are not worth the risk you should simply move to another game. Make sure that high volatile games will always have big prizes but they don’t come often and you’ll need a larger bankroll to keep playing before you hit something substantial.

Before choosing your strategy do not forget to play more lines rather than larger wagers because it will make easier for you to stay within your bet limits. If you are handling with small bankroll than try to choose low volatility games because you’ll hit winnings often and you can end your session with big amounts.

Try to choose games with high RTP and learn as much as you can about the game, about all the multipliers and bonuses in the game, so you would get a clearer image about whether it’s worth investing your money in the game.

Penny Slots can be really dangerous if you don’t keep it together during bad sessions. The main rule to follow when it comes to bet sizes is to increase them only when you’re on a roll and decrease them when you’re not.

If you like to play pokies then you won’t be able to avoid Penny Slots because of their extreme popularity and because all the new titles that are hitting the market are in fact Penny Slots. So, you need to think well about the risks and potential prizes before you hit the reels and remember to have a finger off of the Max Bet button or your next spin can end up being nasty.